Cut the Rope: Experiments
Developer ZeptoLab
Publisher ZeptoLab
Release Date July 29th 2011 (iOS),
Platforms iOS, Android, Leap Motion, BlackBerry 10, Symbian, BlackBerry PlayBook, DSiWare, OSX, Browser, Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nintendo eShop, Chrome OS, Firefox OS
Current Version 1.6.2 (iOS),

Cut the Rope: Experiments was the first spin-off game from Cut the Rope, and featured three other versions similar to the main game: Cut the Rope: Experiments HD, Cut the Rope: Experiments Free, and Cut the Rope: Experiments HD Free.


Version HistoryEdit

See Cut the Rope: Experiments/Version History for details.


  • This was considered the first sequel to Cut the Rope until the surprise announcement of Cut the Rope 2, leaving this game as a spin-off of the original game.