Cut the Rope: Time Travel
Developer ZeptoLab
Publisher ZeptoLab
Release Date April 12th 2010 (iOS),
Platforms iOS, Android, Leap Motion, BlackBerry 10, Symbian, BlackBerry PlayBook, DSiWare, OSX, Browser, Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nintendo eShop, Chrome OS, Firefox OS
Current Version 1.6.1 (iOS),

Cut the Rope: Time Travel was the second spin-off game from Cut the Rope, and featured the new mechanic of having two pieces of candy required to feed Om Nom and one of his Ancestors. Related games were Cut the Rope: Time Travel Free, and Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD.


Boxes in this game have fifteen level packs in each, and take place in a different time.

Version HistoryEdit

See Cut the Rope: Time Travel/Version History for details